PANASONIC NCR103450A NCR103450A 103450 prismatic battery cell 3.7V 2350mAh with fuse

Quick Overview

PANASONIC NCR103450A 2350mAh with FUSE

1)Made in Japan

2)Discharging Current(Std.):4.54A

3)Min Capacity: 2270mAh

4)Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

5)Charging Current:Std.1589mA

6)Charging Method: CC-CV

7)Charging Voltage: 4。2V

8)Ambient Temperature:
   Charge: 10---+45°C
   Discharge: -20---+60°C
    Storage: -20.--+50°C

一定牛彩票网9)Size: Max.9.95X33.95X49.6mm

10)Weight: Typ.38.7g

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